50 States. 500 Bands. (NEW COMPILATION!)

hey guys! so you probably (hopefully) remember the "CompiNation" compilation that i put out independently recently on my label, YNFB Records. since releasing that free 4-disc compilation featuring unsigned bands from all over the United States, it's had over thousands of downloads and countless streams. and since that compilation did so well (and still is doing well), i've decided to embark on my next compilation project...

it's going to be another compilation that features unsigned bands from all over the U.S., but this time instead of breaking it up between time zones, i'm going to break it up by each individual state! 10 bands per state. so a total of 500 bands will be on this 50-part compilation series! again, i am only selecting the best 10 bands that submit a song for each state. and when each disc is completely finished, i will release one disc a day for 50 days, and it will be absolutely 100% FREE to download.

if you or your band is interested in being a part of this GINORMOUS compilation that will definitely spark curiosity and interest in people from all over the world, please send me a track!

make sure to include your band's name, the song's title, the U.S. state that you are from, and your band's facebook link. please send your song and info to:

so just to clarify, here are a few guidelines:
-send an original song written by you or your band
-please be an ACTIVE band (playing shows, recording, etc)
-if you were on my past compilation, you CAN still submit a song for this one too
-include your band name, song name, US state you are from, and website link in your e-mail
-any genre of music is acceptable.

there is no deadline set at the moment, but obviously the sooner the better. we'll kind of play it by ear a bit.

also, obviously not every band that submits a song is guaranteed to be on the final compilation. only 10 bands from each state will be chosen. when you send your song, it will be put on the list of consideration, and then i will go through each song and decide which ones should make the final cut.

let's make this happen, guys! this is potentially a HUGE opportunity to get your music heard by people from all over the world! please let your friends know about this if you think they'll be interested.

i'm excited to get this going!

if there's any other questions, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment.


So... as you may or may not be aware, this is a project I started a few months ago. Now, it's finally finished and we're ready to launch it into the world!


Being in a band with a limited supply of money and gas, it's hard to get the word out to places outside of your area. So I've collected songs from bands from all over the U.S. and then split them up between the time zone they are from. Total, there are over 60 bands spanning 4 discs. I'm hoping these bands will gain new fans and friends. Maybe you'll fall in love with a band on here that is from your area that you never knew about until now.

And the best part is... it's 100% free!!!

Help us spread the word about this compilation, and support local music!



We are currently working on putting together a 4 part compilation series of local bands from the United States time zones!

Each disc will be broken up like this:

The purpose of this free digital-only compilation is for music lovers and other bands to discover up and coming local bands from around the country, as well as for bands to get their music out there to new people.

If you or your band would like to participate in this, please send an email to YNFBrecords@hotmail.com with the song you'd like to put on it, as well as a link to your website (facebook/bandcamp/myspace/whatever) and PLEASE include which U.S. state you are from.

If you have any questions, just e-mail YNFBRecords@hotmail.com

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that every band will be included.
Humans and Bands!

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